About Abrasce

Founded in 1976, the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce) acts to strengthen and develop the sector and defend the interests of shopping malls, and has become a benchmark in the Brazilian retail sector.

With roughly 400 members, the Association offers a wide range of benefits, including: legal advice, events, seminars, conventions, training courses, and market research.

Headquartered in São Paulo, with offices in Brasilia as well, Abrasce is headed by business manager Glauco Humai and is supported by a renowned and experienced Board of Directors composed by many of the sector’s foremost businesspeople.

• To have a secure and stable regulatory environment for ongoing development of the sector;
• To be a benchmark in innovative solutions for business development;
• To keep the sector in a relevant position for the nation’s socioeconomic development;
• To be a facilitator for integration of the sector throughout Latin America.
• To defend the rights and interests of our members;
• To qualify the Shopping Mall market;
• To be a trusted reference in sector information.
• Ethics
• Team Spirit
• Excellence
• Innovation
• Quality of Life
To be aligned with the constant challenges and changes of an increasingly dynamic sector – with consumers who are not only spending the better part of their time online, but also are unwilling to relinquish excellent face-to-face service that rounds out their digital-world experience – ABRASCE has defined three pillars of activities that complement one another and are geared toward the goal of increasingly boosting the growth of shopping malls.
ABRASCE promotes ongoing dialogue with the three branches of government to ethically influence the definition of public policies that affect the sector. It also acts in all lower and higher courts to defend the legitimate rights of its members.
The Association continuously monitors the market and develops studies and surveys to provide in-depth analyses and trend indications for the sector.
ABRASCE fosters the development of people, through transformative experiences in Education and Learning, to enhance organizational performance and business results.




Administrative and Financial Claudia Ludmila Gomez
Legal Gisele Pimentel
Commercial Kely Vasconcellos
Relationships and Insights Mônica Vianna
Institutional Affairs Lorrayne Rosa
Planning & Operations Gabriella Oliveira
Abrasce University Gabriella Oliveira
President Glauco Humai
Saga Malls - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abrasce Fernando Maia
Iguatemi Group Carlos Jereissati Filho
Sonae Sierra Brasil José Baeta Tomás
Ancar Marcos Carvalho
Multiplan Vander Aloísio Giordano
Aliansce Shopping Center Renato Feitosa Rique
BRMALLS Ruy Kameyama
Tenco Shopping Centers Eduardo Gribel
Acre Rômulo Rocha
Alagoas Carlos Rodas
Amapá Boby Perkson Munhoz
Amazonas Josana Pessoa de Andrade
Bahia Edson Piaggio
Ceará Wellington Bezerra de Oliveira
Distrito Federal Marcos Augusto de Atayde
Espírito Santo Raphael Brotto
Goiás Reynaldo Miranda de Abreu Filho
Maranhão Glaydson Dos Santos Souza Trovão
Mato Grosso Cesar Moraes
Mato Grosso do Sul Tatyanne Furtado Protasio
Minas Gerais Fabio Maia de Freitas
Pará Antônio Bonna
Paraíba Marcos Lavogade
Paraná Daniela Macedo Baruch
Pernambuco Paulo Fernando Carneiro Da Silva
Piauí Fernando de Oliveira
Rio de Janeiro Ulisses Silva
Rio Grande do Norte Charles Santiago
Rio Grande do Sul Eduardo Oltramari
Rondônia Cassio Ribeiro Mendonça
Roraima Luciana Teixeira
Santa Catarina Walter Cezar Biselli Junior
Sergipe Reginaldo de Sá Goveia Júnior
São Paulo - countryside Rodrigo Goncalves Galo
São Paulo - Coast Mariane De Araujo Doconski
Tocantins Diego Goes

Sustainability is a strategic pillar for Abrasce and for the Shopping Mall sector overall, not only because of the social and environmental issues inherent in mall operations, but also because of the creation of value for business and possible financial returns.
The segment accounts for 3% of Brazil’s GDP and generates more than 3 million jobs throughout its value chain; more than 490 million visitors pass through malls every month. All these figures make us even more responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the planet and the population.
Modern consumers prefer conscientious brands and demand changes in brand positioning, which is why companies have been developing business models that encompass sustainable projects and reduction of costs, aimed at a holistic and sustainable way of managing the entire business chain.


Abrasce’s Committees act to further the work and discussions on the topics of greatest interest to the segment. Their efforts result in products and publications that contribute toward the development of the Shopping Mall sector in Brazil.


Led by Abrasce’s Market Intelligence area, the purpose of this committee is to discuss the sector’s performance. The primary goal is to combine the professionals’ practical knowledge with the results obtained by Abrasce’s Sector Monitoring, aligning expectations for communication and dissemination, as well as providing information for the market and the media. For more information: gabriella.oliveira@abrasce.com.br


Abrasce’s People Management Committee, which convenes at two meetings annually, seeks to expand discussions among Human Resources managers in the sector, sharing the best practices of their organizations and indicating key challenges in the area, and how these challenges can be overcome.


With the strong expansion of shopping malls in Brazil, the sector has become a constant target for government intervention, through laws, decrees, and other legislative measures. The specialized Legal Committee – formed by top managers of Legal Departments at shopping malls in Brazil – aims to ensure free initiative and private trade in a broad-based and unconditional way. For more information: gisele.pimentel@abrasce.com.br.


This Committee seeks the best strategies and solutions for an area that is in constant need to keep up-to-date, undergo training, and exchange information. The Security Committee consists of representatives of some of the foremost business groups in Brazil. To better serve the entire country, Abrasce has Regional Security Committees in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pernambuco, Amazonas and Federal District.

ABRASCE – Brazilian
Association of Shopping Centers

São Paulo Headquarters

Phone: +55 (11) 3506-8300
E-mail: abrasce@abrasce.com.br

Brasilia Headquarters

Phone: +55 (61) 3039-9401

Relationship with
Members and Affiliation

Shopping Malls and Business Groups

Luiza Rezende
(61) 3039-7310

Suppliers, Service Providers and Retailers

Kely Vasconcellos
(11) 3506-8300

New Business &

Media ads: Revista Shopping Centers, Abrasce Site, Events, Merchandising, Sponsorships, among others

Kely Vasconcellos
(11) 3506-8326


FSB Comunicação

Rebecca Belmonte - Chief Communication Officer

(11) 3165-9591

Amanda Marchini - Manager

(11) 3165-9658
(11) 97080-6089

Cintia Esteves - Press

(11) 3165-9702
(11) 99821-7160

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