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Member malls and business groups can count on Abrasce’s support in wide-ranging areas, including: 

Juridical Support: Defending the interests of shopping malls, with a direct role in monitoring laws that have an impact on the category, providing guidance and sharing technical papers.

Press Relations: Strengthening the image of the sector, providing the media and other public opinion makers with data and information that underscore the sector’s relevance to the Brazilian economy.

Government Relations: Abrasce has achieved remarkable political and legislative victories in Brazil, monitoring bills of laws, presenting studies, and actively defending the interests of its members in national and state Legislatures.

Library: With its own titles and translated works, our library has a vast collection for consultation and purchase. There are more than 500 titles including books, theses/dissertations, magazines, dictionaries, and catalogs.

Market research and data: Member malls exclusively receive the “Mall Census”, a thorough x-ray of the sector; in addition to having access to the data of the complete “Monthly Monitoring” and “Administrative Costs Basket”.

Events: Abrasce periodically holds exclusive events for its members, such as Meetings with Members, Abrasce Experience, and Enasuper. At events that are open to the entire sector, member enterprises enjoy special discounts.

University: Professional training courses in partnership with renowned educational institutions are offered to Abrasce members on a regular basis. On-demand courses are offered exclusively to Abrasce affiliates. 

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