Sustainability is a strategic pillar for Abrasce and for the Shopping Mall sector overall, not only because of the social and environmental issues inherent in mall operations, but also because of the creation of value for business and possible financial returns.

The segment accounts for 3% of Brazil’s GDP and generates more than 3 million jobs throughout its value chain; more than 490 million visitors pass through malls every month. All these figures make us even more responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the planet and the population.

Modern consumers prefer conscientious brands and demand changes in brand positioning, which is why companies have been developing business models that encompass sustainable projects and reduction of costs, aimed at a holistic and sustainable way of managing the entire business chain.

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Since 2017, Abrasce has carried out the sustainability programs called Acione-se pela Vida (“Act For Life”) and Acione-se pela Planeta (“Act For The Planet”). The goal is to bring together the social and environmental projects of shopping malls across Brazil to boost knowledge and positively add to the reputation of these enterprises, which are important social and environmental transformers.

“Act for Life”

Actions for the benefit of citizens; this program aims to influence society to mobilize it toward humanitarian causes. Examples include food drives, clothing drives, toy drives and blood drives; in addition to volunteering.

“Act For The Planet”

This program develops actions to improve the use of natural resources as well as the living conditions on Earth. Examples include environmental campaigns, such as recycling; repurposing and reusing resources; preservation of the Atlantic Forest.

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Since 2018, Abrasce has been preparing an Annual Report for its members, featuring the sector’s Sustainability practices, to map out what has been done, encourage new actions, provide greater visibility, and publicize the sector’s performance and relevance to public authorities and society at large regarding sustainability.

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Carbon Free

In 2017, Abrasce became Brazil’s first Carbon Free Association, neutralizing the carbon emissions generated by its operations. The project takes place through a partnership with an NGO called Iniciativa Verde and aims to offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through forest recovery. Annually, the Association renews its commitment to the project: in 2018–2019, CO2 emissions from Abrasce’s operations were on the order of 122.3 metric tons. And to offset this number, the Association planted 773 trees.

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Abrasce Awards

The Abrasce Awards, an event that has been promoted by the Association for 30 years, covers nine categories, including the Newton Rique Sustainability Award. The goal is to recognize and encourage shopping malls and business groups that develop projects encompassing at least one of the three pillars of sustainability: environmental benefits, social benefits (including diversity), or economic benefits.

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Mini Gentilezas Project

Since 2017, Abrasce has supported the Mini Gentilezas [“Mini Acts of Kindness”] project – carried out by the NGO called Argilando – which receives and distributes miniature-sized personal hygiene items to homeless people. At the Association’s headquarters, there is a collection box for these items, which are periodically delivered to the NGO. In 2020, Abrasce aims to donate 300 items to the project. To find out how to be part of this network, you can access the Project’s home page here.

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