Definitions and Conventions

Abrasce defines shopping malls as developments with Gross Leasable Area (GLA) normally greater than 5,000 square meters (m²), composed of several commercial units, with a single, centralized administration, and practicing fixed and percentage-based rent. Most often, the mall has anchor stores and parking spaces compatible with the legislation of the region where it is located.

The “Mix Plan”, published by Abrasce, contains the definitions of retail branches found at Shopping Malls, according to the criteria adopted by the Association. The Plan is an update of previous classifications, which ABRASCE has been publishing since 1986.

The updated classification was approved by the Association’s Deliberative Council in December 2000, and is recommended to be applied to shopping malls in general as an instrument for statistical measurement and support to management.

Abrasce Classification by Type of Mall
TraditionalMegaOver 60,000 m²
RegionalFrom 30,000 to 59,999 m²
Mid-SizeFrom 20,000 to 29,999 m²
SmallUp to 19,999 m²
These can be Outlet Malls, Lifestyle Malls or Thematic Malls
LargeOver 20,000 m²
Mid-SizeFrom 10,000 to 19,999 m²
SmallUp to 9,999 m²

Click here to download the Abrasce Mix Plan.

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