In September, Abrasce will complete 45 years of history. Since its foundation, the association has worked for the development and, more than that, for the strengthening of shopping centers throughout Brazil. Since then, Abrasce has gone through many difficulties and uncertainties, but it has also achieved countless victories.

Throughout these years, shopping centers have adapted to different realities, invested in innovations in an agile and effective way, dictated new consumption rules and maintained their commitment to the development of Brazil.

We know we have many reasons to celebrate! Therefore, we decided to create a commemorative brand to celebrate this milestone in our history. With it, we reinforce our position and our image before the whole society, consumers, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, partners, the press and the Government, but, above all, we want to indicate that, more than simply celebrating the achievements of the past, we are ready and excited to write a new future.

The brand concept is based on the language commonly seen on the internet where some letters are replaced by numbers to create emphasis and prominence in the message. Based on this idea, we replaced the letters A and S by the numeral 45 within the original Abrasce brand in an allusion that the entire trajectory is contained in its logo.

The redesign maintains the association’s original colors, a characteristic already known to its audiences, and works with graphic elements that provide a quick visualization and assimilation of Abrasce’s existence.

Check out the process of building the Abrasce 45 year commemorative brand.

The new brand will be present in our communications and promotional materials during the year 2021. As part of the celebrations, we will have many other news for our associates and other stakeholders, which will be announced opportunely.

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